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This is a very simple and light & tasty dressing that I “borrowed” from Maggie Beer of The Cook and the Chef. I had to post it because it is a really, really simple dressing and is far less pungent than most vinaigrettes I have tried. (This one is for you, Linda – I have the verjuice if you want to try it before investing in some yourself.) This dressing has a very slightly sour and lovely smooth taste because there is no vinegar in it and it doesn’t give off a heavily oily taste either. This is the mildest and tastiest dressing I have made in a long time (at least that didn’t include mayonnaise).

These measurements are for a relatively small salad, so increase them to suit your own needs.


1/3 Cup Riesling Verjuice
1/3 Cup Walnut Oil
2 Tsp Wholegrain Mustard
1 Tsp Fresh Cracked Pepper
1 Dash of Sea Salt (to taste)


Combine all of the listed ingredients above in a shaker or other airtight container and shake vigorously to mix well.

That’s it! Hardly anything to it really, but another good use of the verjuice you ran out to buy to try the pumpkin risotto, right?… Paul Newman’s got nothing on our near and dear
Maggie Beer! She rocks!

Cheers, and kia ora mates.

2 Thoughts & Remarks:

Cheryl said...

I just recently started making my own salad dressings, this onelooks really good! where I would get riesling verjuice I no idea, LOL

Pam said...

It sounds wonderful - I love making my own dressings.