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One thing about me is, that I never really enjoyed fish unless it once inhabited a shell. I have since discovered the whole new world of Kiwi cuisine and lovely fish recipes my entire family enjoys, but now and again I still revert to my old ways and buy some sort of crustacean.

The other day I was clearing the freezer to make way for a Kiwi-giant-sized tub of ice cream, since the good flavours don’t seem to be sold in any smaller amounts, and I came across some flash frozen prawns. “Hmmm…a few lovely scallops might be nice too, but how do I want to fix them?” I pondered. “Aha, I have it!”

My daughter hates mushrooms (weirdo!) and she’s not too fussed on prawns either, so I can make something to combine the two of those things for my hubby and I to enjoy, and wrap the scallops in bacon for her! Voila! A nice green salad on the side and we have an all-around winner!

Now, since they are separate preparations, I’ll post them individually here (see Balsalmic Mushrooms & Prawns).


12 Med-Lg Scallops
(more or less)
250 Gm (about ½ Lb) American Streaky Bacon
4 Stripped Rosemary Sprigs
(or short bamboo skewers)
2 Tbsp Sav Blanc
(or other white wine)
1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
*Crushed Sea Salt
*Freshly Ground Black Pepper

*Amounts Vary – Season to Taste


First, move oven rack to first or second position and preheat oven to 200 C (400 F), or higher for broiler/grill. Insert a shallow baking dish to get hot in oven.

Rinse scallops and pat dry.

With kitchen shears, cut bacon strip in half and use a half strip to wrap each scallop, pinning the bacon ends together by skewering the bacon & scallop with the rosemary sprig or bamboo skewer.

Skewer about 3-4 scallops per sprig.

Carefully remove baking dish from oven and place the skewered scallops into the dish and drizzle with oil then sprinkle with salt & pepper.

Return to the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until bacon gets crispy on top, then deglaze the pan with the wine and leave for an additional minute.

The scallops are tender and juicy and the bacon is a lovely companion to the fish. The rosemary sprig gives off a wonderful aroma that does not overpower the fish. My daughter said she liked them, but chose to eat a rather significant portion of the prawns as well. Perhaps someone is growing??? In any case, bon appetite!

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