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(Brisket or Silverside also work - Very similar, if not the same as corned beef.)

I am combining these two hunks of meat into one post because they are virtually the same. Personally, I think I like the pickled pork just a bit better because mine turned out slightly less salty than my corned beef. I also believe that the pork ended up even more tender than the beef (if that is actually possible). There wasn't much difference in flavour really, and they were both superb (if I do day so myself).

Cooking in a crock pot or slow cooker for several hours is the best way to get a tender, juicy meal out of a chunk of animal flesh that some people would probably otherwise consider inedible. Without the long and slow process, these cuts would be very tough and dry and probably something akin to shoe leather (no offense no my cobbler mates out there).

Here's how we get this one going:


1-2 Kilos of Corned Beef or Pickled Pork (2.5-4.5 Lbs)
4 Cloves Crushed Garlic (minimum)
4 Bay Leaves
2 Tbsp Cider Vinegar or Wine Vinegar
1 Tsp Whole Black Peppercorns
2-4 Cups Cold Water
1 Medium Onion Coarsely chopped
1/4-1/2 Shredded Cabbage Head
3 Sliced Carrots


First, rinse & dry the meat and smear it with garlic before placing it into the slow cooker as flat as you can which leaves room for veggies later.

Now add bay leaves, vinegar, and peppercorns then just cover the meat with water. You may opt to leave the top centimetre of the meat sticking out of the water.

Turn cooker on high and leave to cook for about 6 hours. If you plan to leave it longer than 6 hours (away at work 8 hours or more) use the low setting rather than high.

When you are about 30 minutes away from dinnertime, add in the veggies and cook until they are tender but not mushy.

Serve the meat with hollandaise sauce, wholegrain mustard, or horseradish cream.
Voila - easy peasy!!!

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Angela Noelle said...

I was born in the U.S. and moved here with my family at a young age...and I have to say, that one of the greatest additions to our family's recipe arsenal was MUSTARD SAUCE! My mother had never prepared this when she made corned beef, but in many a NZ home these seem to go hand-in-hand. The recipe in the Edmonds cookbook is the one we use, and I think it makes the meal! My husband (who is Maori), calls the same meal I grew up with "boil up" -- you may have heard this reference from the marae.

Mahmudul Hasan said...

Great job .Thanks for sharing such a fantastic recipe.Keep up writing and giving us many more like this one.
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Anonymous said...

I am about to make this for a second time as the first time it was amazing...thanks for sharing

Noel Mayo said...

Thank you for such a wonderful recipe! Being so simple and from using common ingrediants makes it so much nicer to cook.