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Emigrated from America to New Zealand and never looked back. Couldn't have asked for a better husband, family & life!


My apologies for the lack of new posts of late, as I have been very busy (yes, even in the kitchen). I promise you I do have some yummy new treats to share and here are a few of them (photos coming soon):

Homemade Tomato, Basil & Bacon Soup
Basil Tuna Potato Bake
Feijoa Cakes
Crock-pot Pork Chops

and, much more...

Stay tuned!

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Lael said...

Hi! (long, long time, no see)

My food blogging has fizzled out a bit lately due to a busy schedule as well, so no worries. I understand. Oh, and one of the things filling up my time is preparing to shift my life over to NZ for at least three months.

Thank you so much for your helpful emails a while back. I really appreciated you taking the time!