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I have been busy lately with both work and a bit of family fun. We are experiencing a really glorious summer this year and, as you do, we are trying to take advantage of it as much as possible.

In an effort to eat healthy and keep meals interesting, we have been using the outdoor grill a lot and eating more fresh produce. However, the other night I didn’t feel much like BBQ…again…so, I decided to whip up some tasty pitas that really hit the spot. I spiced my pork in a somewhat sausage-like way and it was lovely. I also accompanied it with a light and tangy yogurt dressing that gave it a little kick, just the way we like it.


500 Gms (1 Lb) Pork Mince (Ground Pork)
1 Med Yellow Onion, finely diced
½ Tsp Sage
1 Tsp Celery Salt
½ Tsp White Pepper
1 Tsp Cracked Red Pepper Flakes
½ Tsp Marjoram
1 Tsp Parsley
¼ Tsp Mace
1 ½ Tsp Caraway Seeds
1 Splash of Red Wine


1 Pkg Good Pita Bread
1 Carrot, grated
1 Courgette (Zucchini), grated
¾ Cup Low-fat Natural (unflavoured) Yogurt
½ Tsp Garlic Powder or Garlic Oil
1 Tsp Dill Tips


In true “sausage” or “meatloaf” style, combine all of the above “meat” ingredients in a bowl and mush it around until everything is well combined.

Once everything is mixed well, heat a large frying pan with about 1 Tbsp of oil and begin frying off the spiced meat and onion.

Cook the meat until it is cooked through and browned a bit.

Remove the mixture from the heat and prepare your sandwiches by cutting the bread in half and opening the pockets.

Next, insert some of the grated veg into each pocket, followed by the meat.

Now drizzle each with a bit of dressing and/or serve a small dish of dressing on the side.

These are also great with a little cheese and/or tomato, cucumber and mild peppers.


4 Thoughts & Remarks:

Cheryl said...

That sounds really tasty and good for you at the same time. p.s. the Ginger turned out really nice, no one could place it. I gave all of them but 1 away and John and I shared the last one. I want to keep my fingers and toes :)

Phil's Grill said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. The pictures of the food made my mouth water. Your recipe instructions were easy to follow. Phil's grill is sponsoring a give away for grilling enthusiasts if you are interested. I will be back to check out more of those recipes.

Cheryl said...

I just realized you signed up for Foodbuzz

Sara said...

This looks so good, I love anything in a pita!