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It is said every year
Voices young and old
Happy Thanksgiving, y'all
Then stories are told

At the dining table
Forks & knives in hand
And who could forget
The elastic waistbands

Turkey served first
White meat or dark?
And who gets the wishbone
To later rip apart?

Next spuds and stuffing
Under gravy so rich
Just pass on the veggies
Rolls are caught on the pitch

Save your forks ev'rybody
Cuz dessert is now near
Pumpkin pie, and whipped cream
Pecans too, never fear

Waitsbands are taxed
To their maximum limit
Don't forget leftovers
Everything's in it

Dishes are cleaned
And stacked by the dozen
Oh wait, that's more food
stored inside the oven?

Sure glad you could join us
Hope you visit again soon
Now a nap on the couch
Waking up tomorrow noon

Hope you enjoyed
My Thanksgiving story
Now go and enjoy
All your holiday glory

Cheers to all, and save some for me! ;o)

3 Thoughts & Remarks:

MaryBeth said...

Thank you, the family had a fabulous time together.

Cheryl said...

We hope you had fun as well!

Joie de vivre said...

Happy Thanksgiving!