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I had to post this one today, before I forgot. I wanted to make sure and give thanks to our friends in Blenheim for taking us “Tiki Touring” and for stopping at the
Makana Confectioners Boutique Chocolate Factory…or perhaps curse them for doing so…(kidding, of course).

No, this was not an inexpensive trip to a candy shop, but a lovely experience for all of us. We walked through the door to be greeted by a meter tall (3-foot) chocolate man in a bow tie, then the staff greeted us with samples of whatever “Junior” was making at the time. We then munched away whilst he continued his work, occasionally offering our daughter a stick of dark chocolate (which she gave to Daddy and me because she’s not a big fan), or a few white chocolate-dipped strawberries (which she loved and devoured immediately).

We eventually tore ourselves away from the viewing window to wander through the shop only to be ever so temporarily distracted by the staff approaching us with Macadamia Brittle samples. Meanwhile I found several things I wanted to take home with me, but I didn’t want to expand my waistline so I settled on two for all of us to share. Their version of Caramel Corn looked irresistible, and the sample of the Toffee Crunch took me back to sharing Almond Roca with Grandma (it was her favourite), so that’s what came home with us.

Sorry, no recipe on these…but the photos can almost show you how scrumptious they are!


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Looks delicious sista!!! I cant eat it but I can appreciate it!